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IT Support, Management, and Consultancy

Business Conducted Face-to-Face. Solutions Tailored to You.


Completely scalable from just support to full out-sourced CIO.

Unlimited telephone and remote support as standard.

24/7 Monitoring of all systems as standard.

24/7 support available upon request.

Industry leading discounts on hardware and software!

Starting from just


Per Workstation / Per Month

All of our packages include these features as standard








Group Buying

When it comes to purchasing as a business we all know the more you buy the better the price. Once you haved signed up with Day Digital you gain access to our unique group buying platform.

Every 3 months we pool our clients resources to buy best in class hardware, software, and services at very significant discounts.

Spread the Cost

As a growing business, it’s imperative that you protect your cash flow, and that’s why we regularly arrange payment plans with our clients to help spread the cost of their IT projects.

Moving into a new office? You’re already spending on moving costs, deposit, and new equipment, so why not  spread the cost of the IT to take some of the pressure off?


Why choose Day Digital

Blisteringly fast response times, 24/7 UK support, and a track record of saving our clients money.

Three reasons we are trusted by some of Manchester’s most exciting businesses.


We pride ourselves on our ability to view your problems as our problems. As such our response times are exemplary, with our remote assistance being immediate, and an average 2 hours on-site response time. We don’t hide behind SLAs, our policy is; if there’s a problem, fix it, as fast as possible. No excuses.


Your systems are monitored 24/7, we catch problems before they disrupt your business, and the solutions we provide are designed for reliability. Because in business time is money in a very real sense, one day offline can lead to huge losses, and those small, time wasting problems can add up to days of lost productivity per year.


We try to do IT a little bit differently at Day Digital. We want to be your IT guy, that means we try to get onsite as much as possible. We develop close relationships with our clients, including quarterly lunch/coffee meetings. This allows us to know your business inside out, provide solutions unique to you, and help you grow.

Industries We Work With


Professional Offices

If you are a traditional professional service we can provide every aspect of your IT needs. Our systems allow you to spend more time with your clients and less wrestling with IT problems.

Architects, Finance, Lawyers?

Serviced Office Providers

We have experience of installing and managing industry standard Networking Solutions into multi-story buildings in Manchester. Our systems allow for extra revenue streams for yourself, as well as a superior experience for your customers.

Per Desk, Per Sq Ft, Per Floor?


We work with a number of restaurants in Manchester, offering IT/Crisis Management (for when your tills go down), Robust Networks for the use of your customers, and we can provide WiFi login portals for customer information gathering. We can also provide Chip and Pin, ePOS, back-room systems.

Hotels, Bars, Restaurants?


Start Ups

We offer comprehensive IT Advice for start-ups allowing you to get the best possible start for your business. We operate a deferred payment system so you don’t pay any Consultation or Management fees until it is sustainable to do so.

Any industry, tell us your big idea and well see how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Day Digital we do IT Support a little differently, so of course you’re going to have questions. We’ve included our most common ones right here on the site, but if you have any more drop us a line on 0161 883 2116.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with SMEs from a multitude of sectors. Chances are we’re already helping someone in the same industry as you, from Construction to Confectioners the principles of IT stay constant.

How much do your services cost?

The price for our essential services package is listed on the site here (£20 per computer), however 90% of our clients opt for a bespoke package tailored to their businesses unique needs and concerns.

Why shouldn't I just get an IT guy in when something breaks?

There’s a reason all big companies have IT departments, and why all medium sized companies have comprehensive IT Management contracts. IT disruption is one of the biggest causes of inefficiency in the workplace, if an employee is wasting 1 hour a day struggling with an unreliable IT Infrastructure that is on average £300 a month wasted by your business. Scale that up, 15 employees? That’s an average of £4500 per month. That’s without going into disaster scenarios; fire, virus, hack, all these can be potentially fatal to a growing business.


Bottom line, contracts save huge amounts of your time, and money.

Drop us a line 0161 883 2116 or email sales@daydigital.co.uk

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